Queer Life

The former "Bachelor" confirmed this week that he and Brown, a political strategist, have been in a relationship for several months.
The actor stars on the Peacock series as Lexi, a Bayside High cheerleader and brassy queen bee who happens to be trans but won't be tokenized.
"Coming Out Colton" chronicles the former "Bachelor" star's "journey to a new reality." The six-episode docuseries debuts Friday, Dec. 3.
The former mayor of Silverton, Oregon, was remembered by friends and LGBTQ advocates for displaying "unapologetic authenticity" while in office.
The cinematic commercial, made by the country’s postal service, celebrates LGBTQ rights.
Terra Field was suspended from the company and then reinstated last month after publicly criticizing Chappelle's comedy special as transphobic.
The Oscar winner also called for "a leveling" in Hollywood to ensure that more trans actors will be considered for such roles in the future.
Barronelle Stutzman of Arlene's Flowers said she will turn the "struggle for freedom over to others" after settling with Curt Freed and Robert Ingersoll.
"I was a different person now. I couldn’t go back to dresses, heels and lingerie."
An overwhelming majority of Swiss voters approved the "Marriage for All" initiative via a September referendum.
The new guidelines shift the focus off individual testosterone levels and were created after extensive consultation with medical and human rights experts.
Sunday's event gave artists like Kim Petras and Lil Nas X an opportunity to speak out against local laws that have curtailed LGBTQ rights.
From Macy's to Etsy, "men's" shirts for large chests are out there, I promise.
The singer, who is half of the Brothers Osborne, said he hoped the moment would "show people that they also don’t need to hide."
Gov. Kevin Stitt also urged the passage of legislation to prohibit nonbinary designations on birth certificates altogether in 2022.
Mark Henson, 63, now faces a charge of felony criminal mischief for the Oct. 12 blaze.
On "Mind Games," the Los Angeles-based singer offers a sonic snapshot of what it means to be queer, single and 20-something in 2021.
Security video from the incident shows an unknown suspect setting an outdoor wall displaying banners, photos and flowers ablaze.
"There is no doubt that the future sailors aboard this ship will be inspired by Milk’s life and legacy,” said Navy Secretary Carlos Del Toro.