Drag Queens

A local nightclub is having drag queens bring food, cocktails and socially distant lip-synching performances to people during the coronavirus pandemic.
Known offstage as Zavion Davenport, DeVayne was remembered by peers as "a caring, empathetic and beautiful soul."
Bob the Drag Queen, Naomi Smalls and Nina West discuss how the pandemic has affected what they do, where they do it, and the community they're devoted to.
Quinn Laroux is a drag queen that gives tours that educate individuals on the history of sex workers and queer people in New Orleans. However, Covid-19 has forced Quinn to stop giving her tours and performing.
"The Queen" helped pave the way for "RuPaul's Drag Race" and more. As writer Matt Baume finds, however, the documentary omits many artists of color.
"All Stars" winners Trixie Mattel and Monét X Change spill the tea about the star-studded spinoff and why the show took them by surprise.
The Democrat had come under fire from a Republican opponent who argued that the queens' outfits "mocked the Christian religion and mocked traditional values."
"I really thought it was over," the "Tonight Show" host said.
"There's a queen inside of you," RuPaul tells Davidson's super-slacker Chad.
"As a young girl constantly being told by the media and society how I should look and behave, drag lets me poke fun at and challenge those expectations."
Netflix released a trailer for the drag icon's new series, which debuts in January.
Pissi Myles said she was "flipping my wig over the high-energy proceedings" in Washington, D.C., Wednesday.
Megan Wennberg's new documentary follows four "fierce and fabulous" drag queens, all under the age of 12. It hits NewFest 2019 in New York this week.
The singer made a triumphant return to the awards show to perform her hit single "You Need To Calm Down."
After more than 30 people were killed in two deadly shootings this weekend, state Rep. Candice Keller blamed the violence on “homosexual marriage,” “drag queen advocates” and more.
Frank Simon’s "The Queen" debuted at a time when gender nonconformity was taboo. A newly restored version hits theaters this month.
A 44-year-old episode of the CBS sitcom featured Beverly La Salle, an empowered drag character, writer Matt Baume notes in his "Culture Cruise" series.
Open Cathedral, an LGBTQ-affirming church in Texas, has rented out a room at the Leander Public Library to make sure the show goes on.
An early "In the House" episode helped show that drag could be a source of personal strength, writer Matt Baume notes.
Marti Gould Cummings' second dive into the undersea world of the love-it-or-hate-it children’s song has a philanthropic aim.