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“It is baffling and disappointing that President Biden himself has not clearly and forcefully spoken out," said former Cabinet member Julián Castro.
As temperatures continue to rise, so too are feelings of anxiety, depression and despair about our planet’s future.
Plus, the advice divorce attorneys give parents clashing over the coronavirus vaccine.
So far, the U.S. has admitted fewer than 8,000 refugees in the 2021 fiscal year.
Guinness World Records said Umeno Sumiyama and Koume Kodama were officially 107 years and 300 days on Sept 1.
By the end of the night, no actors of color or LGBTQ actors had won any of the major acting awards.
Netflix's royal drama "The Crown" and the Apple TV+ comedy Ted Lasso won big at the ceremony.
“You were heard,” the actor wrote after CBS decided to retool the series as a documentary.
COVID-19 isn't the only issue we're fighting. Exhaustion among medical professionals is more severe than ever.
The "Russian Doll" star's latest character "could not give a flying hoot," which she says helped her stay chill around Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon.