The fallen Silicon Valley star returned to the witness stand to tell a story likely to determine whether she is convicted or acquitted of criminal charges.
Prosecutors presented their closing arguments Monday in the trial of the three white men charged with murdering Ahmaud Arbery.
Kyle Rittenhouse has been acquitted of all charges after he was on trial for shooting and killing two people and injuring a third during a protest against police violence in Kenosha, Wisconsin.
The defendant acknowledged that Arbery, the Black man he and his father shot and killed, was not armed, though he claims Arbery struck him.
Travis McMichael took the stand on Wednesday to answer questions about his fatal shooting of Ahmaud Arbery last year, which sparked national outrage.
The Trump supporter, who electroshocked Officer Mike Fanone at the Capitol on Jan. 6, is trying to argue that he wasn't properly advised of his rights.
Kyle Rittenhouse’s trial for shooting and killing two people during a Black Lives Matter protest in Kenosha, Wisconsin, has resumed after his lawyers asked for a mistrial with prejudice, meaning he could not be retried.
The former Marine, who was also packing an AR-15-style rifle like Rittenhouse, said he turned his back on the man.
Lawyers for Charlottesville community members highlighted private messages among neo-Nazis and white supremacists ahead of the 2017 rally.
Plaintiffs are suing a gamut of neo-Nazis and white supremacists over "Unite the Right," a far-right rally that grew violent four years ago in the Virginia city.
Jury selection is about to begin in the trial of the three white men charged in the fatal shooting of Ahmaud Arbery.
This is the first time the R&B singer has been convicted for sex crimes against minors and young women.
The jury could start deliberating as early as Friday afternoon, wrapping up the R&B singer's six-week criminal sexual abuse trial.
The witness, referred to as Faith, also said one of the singer's employees tried to blackmail her so she wouldn't participate in the "Surviving R. Kelly" docuseries.
R. Kelly is facing trial in Brooklyn, New York, after decades of allegations of sexual abuse crimes against minors.
Eric Nelson claims that the court abused its discretion by failing to agree to requests for a change of venue and to sequester the jury.
“It felt like every day was a funeral,” Brandon Mitchell said of listening to testimony about George Floyd's murder.
Nazi sympathies arise in the trial of Brendan Hunt, who sometimes wrote extremist messages in code. "I don't want to kill the 'juice' just yet," he said in a video.
Let's be clear. The jury's decision to convict Derek Chauvin, the former Minneapolis cop who murdered George Floyd, is what accountability looks like, not justice.
Police kill around 1,000 people every year. A small fraction are arrested, and even fewer are actually convicted.