Brian Mills' left big toe is so large that the one next to it had to be removed.
The photo of the disembodied toe is slightly NSFL.
Check out my other YouTube videos involving other foot problems: Hallux Rigidus
Yet for all its triumphs in terms of higher mathematics and quantum theory, eternal inflation feels like sleight of hand
Shop some of our favorites below: Toe rings are pretty polarizing. Similar to Tevas and socks worn with sandals, people are
Everything is great, you have the temperature set, your pillows are in the perfect position to support, and you are drifting along in a gentle breeze of sleep, and suddenly you wake up with an insufferable thirst.
What to do? Stay off my feet. Catch up on my reading. And, to hasten the healing process, try some "positive affirmations," or, as I have always thought of them, "bullsh*t."
"If you put an attractive female officer in a public place and she walked up suggestively to a straight man, the public would