Peter Buck, a nuclear physicist, invested $1,000 in a family friend’s Connecticut sandwich shop in 1965.
Andrew Gilbert said he was pushed from a New York City subway platform by two maskless NYPD officers after reminding them of the city's mask law.
"I spent 70 days in two different hospitals ... But it wasn’t until after I returned home that I truly discovered how being hit by a subway was going to change my life."
A Mexico City metro overpass collapsed, killing at least 20 and injuring dozens.
The court ruling could cost Subway shops on the Emerald Isle some dough.
The confrontation in a subway station happened the day after New York began imposing $50 fines for not wearing a mask on public transit.
Two high profile incidents involving the NYPD in the New York City subway system have raised concerns about safety in the subways.
The protest follows disturbing videos showing police allegedly punching teens on a transit platform and storming a subway car with guns drawn.
The ad shows a boy going through all the trials and tragedies of life, only to end up — spoiler alert — buying a sandwich as an adult.
Natasha Tynes claims to have been defamed and her work sabotaged after she was accused of racism.
"What's the opposite of a Pulitzer," one person said about reporter Lisa Guerrero’s look at "fare beaters."
“You really don't realize how inaccessible the city is until you need it to be accessible for you.”
Meet Amanda Septimo, the 27-year-old South Bronx native running for State Assembly in the poorest congressional district in the US. Her run for office is nothing if not personal, inspired not by years of political neglect and failed legislation in her community. At a moment where the progressive party has the spotlight in New York City, Amanda is hoping that the systemic poverty plaguing her district becomes part of the outrage.
Alex Elegudin is tasked with making the outdated New York City transit network more accessible.
Rae Swon, the artist behind the viral costume, discusses how she brought one of Hieronymus Bosch's most haunting creatures to life.
The scanners can detect suspicious items from 30 feet away.
A transit source told HuffPost that the account attempts to respond to every tweet it receives.
“Pizza Iguana,” “Taco Squirrel,” and "Bagel Pigeon” were unavailable for comment.
The illustrated profiles of men and women who've experienced homelessness in New York City in this series are gorgeous.