Incredibly, there were no reports of any injuries following the incident at Dutch club NEC Nijmegen’s Goffert Stadium.
Commissioner Lisa Baird resigned amid allegations that a former coach engaged in sexual harassment and misconduct.
He was injured in a match and required knee surgery. During the operation, an anesthetic error saw him fall into a coma.
The team said it was carrying out a variety of measures aimed at improving its cultural inclusivity.
The legendary soccer star cried at a press conference Sunday, saying he did everything possible to stay with the Catalan club, including reducing his salary by 50%.
The veteran stars uncorked vintage performances in the 4-3 victory over Australia.
The country's soccer and rugby organizations are looking into alleged rowdiness on the 10-hour Japan Airlines flight from Tokyo to Sydney.
The reigning World Cup champs still have a chance for a bronze medal.
The Americans beat a tough Dutch team in a penalty shootout to advance to the Olympic semifinals.
The team recovered from a horrifying defeat to Sweden to near advancement in the tournament.
The U.S. soccer star even pretended to bear the flag that was to be carried by fiancée Sue Bird in the actual ceremony.
The "Ted Lasso" star wore a shirt honoring England's Jadon Sancho, Marcus Rashford and Bukayo Saka after vicious online attacks following the Euros.
England suffered a crushing defeat during a penalty shootout in the 2021 European Championships.
Some, however, pointed out that the Duke of Cambridge and the royal family are facing allegations of racism themselves.
The all-time great led Argentina to the Copa America championship against Brazil in Rio de Janeiro.
Italy's Ciro Immobile was mercilessly mocked on Twitter for his sudden recovery during the Euro 2020 quarterfinal against Belgium.
Kumi Yokoyama previously played for Japan in the 2019 women's World Cup.
Mexican fans persist in aiming the chant at opposing teams’ goalkeepers despite regular FIFA fines.
The Danish midfielder sent a reassuring message to his fans after he suddenly collapsed during a Euro 2020 tournament match on Saturday.