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When it comes to heart and overall health, here's how experts say we should limit red meat in our diet.
Experts dish on the effects of eating red meat every day and how it can impact on your health long term.
Experts explain the link between the two and how the meat itself can be a bigger culprit than the grill.
New research says a tax on meat could help offset its health consequences.
Two slices of bacon contains 70 calories and 2 grams of saturated fat. So ... is that OK or not?
Sure, you can buy sausages, ribs and cold cuts — but they're made of plant-based proteins.
But apparently that doesn't stop us from eating them to maximum capacity.
Prepare a Plant-Based Plate. A recent study found that those following a plant-based diet had lower mortality rates from
Plus what being a carcinogen actually means.
Two new studies released this week add further proof that Americans need to break the meat habit. The first, published in
Experts from Harvard and the American Cancer Society reveal the latest on cancer and diet.
According to the National Cancer Institute, the average person's risk of getting colon cancer is 5 percent. So an 18 percent increased risk associated with processed meat consumption would increase the cancer risk to 5.9 percent. If true, this is not to be dismissed, but it's a risk that can be managed. It certainly should not be placed in the same category as smoking!
The American Cancer Society's guidelines have been advising for decades to "limit how much processed meat and red meat you
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And at The Atlantic, in Beefing with the World Health Organization's Cancer Warnings, Ed Yong suggests: The first wave of
Just your friendly preserved-meats apologist here.
The state is setting the stage for a potential battle with the meat industry.