Aschoff, who covered college football for the sports network, had recently fallen ill.
Dr. Jorge Rodriguez appeared on "The View" to warn about the dangers of pneumonia.
Shower heads are awash with bacteria associated with lung infections, as well as fatigue, fever and night sweats.
“Whoopi is back, everybody!” co-host Abby Huntsman declared.
"The View" co-host revealed her battle against pneumonia almost turned deadly.
The powerhouse crooner, who was featured on "Team Miley" during the singing contest's 13th season, died Saturday after battling "extreme" pneumonia.
The 24-year-old San Diegan suffered through pneumonia and cardiac arrest before finally recovering.
The Los Angeles coroner's office released the results from an investigation into the model's death. She passed away in November.
No one can escape the dangers.
Brian S. Koll, MD Recently retired as Executive Medical Director for Infection Prevention and Control, Mount Sinai Health
  For me, age has always just been a number. Yes I am getting older, but I continue to sing, tour, cook, and spend time with
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I am that mom, but you have the luxury of misunderstanding me and other moms like me.
If we fail to do so, we will only treat diseases instead of the people who are suffering from them.