Marginalized communities are affected by loss in unique and painful ways. Here's how, plus some resources for coping.
The two-time Grammy winner returned to social media this week for the first time since 21-year-old Beckett's death. She also hinted that new music is on the way.
Along with deaths, the pandemic has led to a lot of loss -- of jobs, special occasions, and more. Here's how to help.
"Letting go of anger toward my mother has fueled me to be a better mom."
Kim didn’t try to alleviate my sadness. She didn’t need to fix me. And vice versa.
Wild card-chasing New York blew a 6-run lead in the ninth inning to the Washington Nationals, and the faithful vented.
Over the course of five years, I lost two grandmothers, two aunts, a cousin and both of my parents and nothing could have prepared me for the parameters of loss.
In Katharine Smyth’s new memoir, Virginia Woolf provides a comfort and a structure for unconventional mourning.
As a bereaved parent, I hate the terms “moving on” and “healing.”
"It doesn’t matter to me when his heart technically beat for the last time; he died in pieces over a two-year stretch."
Her late husband’s family actually brought it up.
You can't "remind" someone of their pain, she points out.
It is choosing to be a family even though it is not easy.
It's National Widows Day, so here's what I really want.
Dear Madison, I wasn't sure what to expect after having your brother.  How would I feel when I thought of you? Would I think