The Biden administration is looking for new ways to stop terrorist threats in Afghanistan after withdrawing all troops.
In Kabul, a new sign heralded the “Ministry for Preaching and Guidance and the Propagation of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice.”
Thursday's flight was the first of its kind since the U.S. completed its withdrawal from Afghanistan on Aug. 30.
Afghanistan's new Cabinet pays homage to the Taliban's old guard.
Witnesses from all sides say the 20-year war in Afghanistan ended with episodes of brutality, trauma and moments of grace.
Tens of thousands of Afghans have already made it through security vetting and arrived in the U.S. to begin the process of resettlement
“They lied to us,” Javed Habibi, a green card holder from Richmond, Virginia, said of the U.S. government.
Nearly all of the children returned to Afghanistan with one or both parents in the spring or early summer to visit relatives.
13 American troops and dozens of Afghan civilians were killed in a suicide bomb attack Thursday at Kabul airport.
The 13 troops were likely among the last to die in America's 20-year war in Afghanistan as they helped clear people for evacuation.
A suicide bomber killed 13 U.S. soldiers and at least 95 Afghan civilians at Kabul's airport.
Nearly every day, the family of five set out to the airport from their home in Kabul only to be met by other desperate Afghans and large crowds.
Thursday’s bombings near the airport killed at least 95 Afghans and 13 U.S. troops.
The ISIS bombing in Kabul killed 170, including 13 members of the U.S. military. Trump spent years saying he had “eradicated” the terror group.
The Islamic State group claimed responsibility for the killings on its Amaq news channel.
Two House lawmakers flew unannounced to Afghanistan during the ongoing evacuation efforts, U.S. officials said.
The Taliban has demanded that the evacuation end as planned on Aug. 31 — no extensions.
About 10,400 people were ferried out of Afghanistan on 28 U.S. military flights over a period of 24 hours.
The German military says a firefight at one of the gates of Kabul’s international airport killed at least one Afghan soldier.
Rachel Campos-Duffy said Jill Biden had "failed the country" by letting her husband run for president.