“I fully understood there could be legal consequences,” Dr. Alan Braid wrote. But he said he wanted to make certain the "blatantly unconstitutional law" is tested.
"The health of the public takes priority over the rights of any given individual in this situation," Dr. Linda Marraccini wrote.
Avoiding these mistakes can help you get the most out of your visits.
"Our only hope for moving into the fall with any degree of normalcy is to better protect unvaccinated kids under 12. Here's what you should know."
More than a dozen doctors with disabilities say discrimination, lack of support and “grind culture” make it nearly impossible to thrive in their chosen careers.
"They thought it was a hoax," said Dr. Brytney Cobia of Alabama as she implored people to get vaccinated while they can still protect themselves.
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“I’m in an operating room right now,” Dr. Scott Green told a California courtroom. The presiding judge wasn't having it.
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The future first lady, who holds a doctorate in education, responded to Joseph Epstein's Wall Street Journal column calling her "fraudulent" for using the title "Dr."
Columnist Joseph Epstein kicks things off by calling the future first lady "kiddo."
“I keep thinking, ‘Now there is one less ICU doctor to care for pandemic patients in Baltimore,’” Dr. Joseph Costa’s husband said of his death.
Physicians' offices are seeing fewer patients because of the lockdown. It's taking a big financial toll.
"The more work I did in the hospital, the more I became humbled by the tremendous work that others were doing."
“We are there on the front lines, we are risking our lives — to take our children away from us is just so cruel,” said Theresa Greene.
“I burst into tears," Dr. Sarosh Janjua said of the Minnesota trooper's heartwarming generosity amid the coronavirus pandemic.
"President Trump, I beg you to take this pandemic more seriously and I am begging you to do it now."
"With every crucial delay, with every blunder and misstep, the toll is going to be measured in lives lost."
A new lawsuit alleges that GOP congressman and staunch ally of President Donald Trump was aware of sexual abuse by disgraced doctor Richard Strauss.