delta variant

“We have had a handful of cases here in the United States, but it has not taken off as it has in the U.K.," Dr. Rochelle Walensky said of AY.4.2.
“The overwhelming majority of COVID-19 hospitalizations and deaths continue to be preventable,” noted the analysis.
New COVID-19 infections remained high as September began.
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"I don’t know how much longer I can keep working this way," the funeral professional told HuffPost.
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“This is about public health," the city's mayor said, pointing to surging rates of COVID-19 linked to the delta variant.
After thousands of COVID-19 deaths, most prisons and jails are still too crowded for social distancing and staff aren’t required to get vaccinated.
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Ware County joins four other school districts in the state in suspending classes amid troubling numbers of sick children.
Meanwhile, some of the people you'd most expect to hate the mandates think there's a strong case for them.
"We can’t predict why some children get so incredibly sick from COVID while others have mild disease," said Dr. Heather Haq.
It will be a valuable test case for the effectiveness of an extra jab against the delta variant of the coronavirus.