Plus, expert picks for sandals that'll feel comfortable on your feet.
The best blister-prevention treatment pads, patches, tapes and sprays for feet.
You can't help that your favorite pair of heels also happen to be the ones that rub and pinch and kind of make you want to
The answer: Blisters are among the most common problems runners face on the regular. The good news is most will go away in
With all of the new fall styles of boots and booties available this fall it is important to make sure your feet are properly manicured and supported. Blisters in the back of the heel, corns on top of the toes, ingrown toenails and arch cramps can come back to haunt you again.
For the past four months, I've been teetering in denial over the blister turned callus on my right sole. That is, until I
No matter how experienced a runner, the foot is always susceptible to running injuries.