Freedom Moses vs. Birkenstocks: We reviewed the Birks dupe that's making a splash this summer.
Timeless sandals don't have to cost you a fortune. These affordable alternatives start at $5.
The trade war is resulting in "hidden taxes paid by American individuals and families," the footwear brands wrote.
It's no surprise Birkenstocks, slides and mules are top sellers 👡
Like its sandals, Birkenstock mattresses are made from cork, leather and natural felt.
I recently blogged about these sunnies from Warby Parker in honor of National Sunglasses Day. The clear translucent frames
As the old saying about creativity goes, you can't break the rules until you know them. The same goes for culture. For a brand to employ culture effectively it needs to understand what 'codes' are out there, and which are most culturally salient in order to smash, break and combine them into something that is truly vibrant, new and culturally on point.
"Sky Mansion" sits on the top three floors of the exclusive Continuum and has its own private elevator. Before Birkenstock
The conclusion of Fashion Week truly kicks off the fall retail season, and New York has an amazing crop of new stores and designers looking to outfit us in style!
It was not that her husband, Michael Waring, a fashion photographer, objected to wearing sandals that purportedly improve