Dan Patrick, Texas' lieutenant governor, supported a vaccine mandate for college students as a state legislator in 2009.
Shots could begin in early November, with the first children in line fully protected by Christmas.
Millions of Americans will be eligible for the jabs beginning Friday, Dr. Rochelle Walensky said. Americans can also mix and match the shots.
A government panel of experts has endorsed extra doses of all three of the nation’s coronavirus vaccines.
Some are on the cusp of being exhausted by the topic of COVID-19 vaccinations. The health department in Salt Lake County found a clever way to spark interest.
The CDC will consult an expert panel later this week before finalizing official recommendations on coronavirus vaccine boosters.
The White House has announced that children age 5 to 11 will soon be able to get COVID-19 shots, pending FDA and CDC approval.
The NBA legend praised the Brooklyn Nets for benching Irving and slammed comparisons with boxing legend Muhammad Ali.
The White House press secretary left a Fox News reporter speechless after he asked a question about COVID-19 vaccine mandates and police officers.
If you're questioning your immunity from your COVID shot or if you want to know your status before getting a booster, read this first.