European Union

The United States has joined developing nations' calls to waive intellectual property rules for the COVID-19 vaccine, but the EU has another plan in mind.
“This is the first time [Peanut] has intervened during a press conference. Usually, he just greets guests at the door and is more polite,” Kyriakos Mitsotakis explained.
The EU removed the U.S. from a safe list of countries, but the guidance is nonbinding for member countries.
The fast-food chain blames supply problems stemming from a shortage of truck drivers.
European Union members must subscribe to the group's values or hit the road, said Prime Minister Mark Rutte.
European Union official Enrique Mora told reporters that “we are closer to a deal, but we are not still there.”
The sanctions include banning its airlines from using European Union airspace amid anger over a forced Ryanair plane diversion to arrest Raman Pratasevich.
Travelers from the U.S. have been restricted from visiting the European bloc for more than a year amid the pandemic.
European Union and U.S. officials said they will send oxygen, medicine and other supplies to help India fight a coronavirus spike that is overwhelming hospitals.
China’s Foreign Ministry denounced the sanctions as “based on nothing but lies and disinformation.”