Donald Trump

Donald Trump tried to overthrow the Constitution, but now wants to use the Constitution’s “executive privilege” concept to protect himself.
Couy Griffin, a county commissioner in New Mexico, argued that the only people "locked up" after Trump's time in office "were men like me."
The former guy had a meltdown over his once-favorite network for running ads critical of him.
“Call me the white-knight hero here, talking [Trump] down from the more aggressive position,” after the election, right-wing attorney John Eastman claims.
The attorney who trademarked "Truth Social" before Trump announced his new social media venture is now trying to grab rights to other words and phrases.
Rep. Bennie Thompson said that if lawmakers investigating the attack find enough evidence against Trump, "We will go forward with it."
Plots to subvert the will of American voters were discussed in a "war room" at the Willard in downtown Washington, D.C., reports The Washington Post.
A software project dedicated to community ownership and public accessibility slams into Donald Trump's "Truth Social" media efforts.
Yale history professor Timothy Snyder pointed out the worrying ways the next election could differ from 2020.
The former president was responding to McCain's criticism of him as she promotes her new memoir.