Donald Trump

GOP Senate candidates across the country are hoping the former president forgets their past attacks.
New documents show Donald Trump pressed acting Attorney General Jeff Rosen to look into the lie that the 2020 election was full of voter fraud.
The president and his allies pushed senior Justice Department officials to overturn the election results and keep him in power, documents show.
"Bananas" Donald Trump also got a ribbing in the bit on "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert."
America "definitely has a split personality," Meyers said, but he's devised a way to dodge one of them.
"Donald Trump rocked Europe so hard," the "Daily Show" comedian quipped.
Mike Lindell's MAGA event didn't exactly go off as planned.
Self-described white nationalist Richard Barnett, who faces multiple charges, was featured ahead of President Joe Biden's first meeting with Vladimir Putin.
Adherents of the bizarre conspiracy theory may target Democrats and other political opponents for more violence as the movement’s false prophecies don’t come true.
The former president's former attorney claimed that "everyone" misses Donald Trump's policies, but many Twitter users begged to differ.