2020 Election

Sidney Powell, Lin Wood and others must pay the legal fees of Michigan officials they targeted to try to overturn 2020 presidential election results.
The MyPillow CEO has not filed that lawsuit with the Supreme Court to "pull down" the 2020 election, but he's heavily promoting his pillows and sheets.
The former president is sitting on at least $105 million in cash collected by spreading the same lies about the election that incited the assault on the Capitol.
The plaintiff on the MyPillow magnate's Supreme Court complaint was listed as "[Insert your state]."
A federal judge called their lawsuit claiming the election was stolen from Donald Trump "an abuse of the legal system."
The ex-president's ongoing lies about vote fraud came up as the judge criticized the gullibility of a Trump supporter who joined the Capitol riot on Jan. 6.
Lies about 2020 election fraud by former President Trump were “a historic turning point” that's had "spillover effects" in other countries, the report said.
She also declines to say if the RNC has an obligation to make sure their next nominee does not try to overthrow the republic should they lose, as Trump did.
Federal agents say hackers pretended to be Proud Boys in messages to Republican lawmakers and targeted Democratic voters with threats.
Jared Kushner reportedly blew off a desperate plea to intervene with Donald Trump to stop him from trying to steal the presidential election, saying he was too busy working on “Middle East peace.”
Former communications director Alyssa Farah detailed how the former president began to embrace the big lie.
The Trump son-in-law said he was too busy working on "Middle East peace" to try talking sense to the president, according to ABC News' Jonathan Karl.
The late-night host tears into the former vice president.
In a new audio clip, Donald Trump stood up for his supporters who chanted “Hang Mike Pence” on Jan. 6.
Jesse Moss' new film takes an intimate look at the current transportation secretary's 2020 presidential bid and marriage to husband Chasten.
At least 13 former Trump administration officials violated the law by intermingling campaigning with their official government duties, according to a new investigation.
“It’s not my job, in a fast-moving case, to go out and investigate every piece of evidence," he said in a sworn videotaped statement obtained by CNN.
The former assistant attorney said he would not answer questions based on Trump’s assertions of executive privilege.
Raffensperger's primary campaign, against a promoter of Trump’s lies, offers a view of the GOP’s anti-democratic future.
Brad Raffensperger said Trump's requests on their infamous phone call indicated a limited understanding of elections procedures.