Timothée Chalamet's Prada look won for best... Twitter reactions.
The company said it "abhors racist imagery" after a civil rights lawyer pointed out the products' similarity to historical dehumanizing depictions of black people.
"It's a money clip. ... You know for holding all the money you just spent on something just because it says Prada."
Hanne Gaby Odiele looks back on her whirlwind week with HuffPost Live.
Edward Kienholz: Five Car Stud, 1969-72 (detail). The installation Five Car Stud is a life-sized reproduction of a scene
A soft thin insole placed in your heels will provide instant comfort and cushion for your feet and may be all you need.
PRAGUE -- So we are on a date. On a grassy hilltop behind Prague's historic castle. And this little girl comes frolicking in our direction, sees me, stops dead and starts running back screaming for her parents who are somewhere in the distance. Only she doesn't quite make it back unscathed: she trips, falls down flat, gets up and limps back to shelter. We snigger. And then my Czech date mimes, "Mama, I saw a terrorist."