Custody and Child Support

"It’s just a beautiful thing that they have done together as a mother and daughter,” the director of a local domestic abuse shelter said of the surprise donation.
Jason Miller has claimed he speaks to the president daily, yet filings do not show him receiving any money from the reelection campaign.
“We are there on the front lines, we are risking our lives — to take our children away from us is just so cruel,” said Theresa Greene.
Here's how divorce lawyers and separated parents are handling social distancing, custody arrangements and child support during the COVID-19 crisis.
The Brazilian judge called out the deadbeat dad, whichever identical twin he is, for not stepping up for his baby.
Pet custody battles can get messy in divorce court.
Negotiations don't end at child support or alimony.
The two have been at odds for months over child support for sons Sean Preston and Jayden James.
The remains were found at a compound where authorities found 11 children and five adults living in squalor.
The actors have been warring over the custody of their six children.