Man Rescued After A Month Lost At Sea: 'It Was A Nice Break'

Two men from the Solomon Islands spent 29 days adrift, surviving on fruit and rainwater, after their boat got caught in a storm.

One of two men rescued after being lost at sea for 29 days, surviving on coconuts and oranges, had a surprising ― yet somewhat relatable ― take on the experience.

“I had no idea what was going on while I was out there,” Livae Nanjikana told The Guardian. “I didn’t hear about Covid or anything else. I look forward to going back home but I guess it was a nice break from everything.”

Nanjikana and Junior Qoloni were rescued earlier this month about 250 miles off the coast of Papua New Guinea, Agence France-Presse reported.

The pair had been traveling in the Solomon Sea on a 23-foot motorboat when they hit a stormy patch that drove them out to sea and their GPS battery died. They initially ate oranges they had brought with them. After that, they survived on rainwater they collected, floating coconuts they pulled from the ocean, “and our faith in God because we pray day and night,” Nanjikana told the Solomon Islands Broadcasting Corporation.

With fuel dwindling, they were ultimately able to use paddles and canvas to create a makeshift mast and sail. The wind propelled them in the general direction of Papua New Guinea and they were able to attract the attention of a fisherman.

The two men are temporarily staying with a local in Papua New Guinea while officials arrange for them to get back home, Mary Walenenea of the Solomon Islands Ministry of Foreign Affairs and External Trade told The Guardian.