Watch 'Injured' Soccer Star Make 'Miracle' Recovery When His Team Scores

Italy's Ciro Immobile was mercilessly mocked on Twitter for his sudden recovery during the Euro 2020 quarterfinal against Belgium.

Twitter users mockingly suggested a “miracle” occurred during Italy’s Euro 2020 quarterfinal game against Belgium on Friday.

Italy’s Ciro Immobile rolled around on the field in apparent agony after a seemingly innocuous penalty box moment with Belgium’s Jan Vertonghen.

But when Immobile’s teammate Nicolo Barella scored a goal to give Italy the lead just seconds later, he quickly jumped to his feet to celebrate.

Italy won the game 2-1 and will now face Spain in the semifinal of the European Championship tournament on Tuesday.

Video of Immobile’s play-acting went viral on Twitter, garnering millions of views and plenty of anger about the unsporting behavior:

“The euphoria of the goal, maybe masked the pain?” BBC presenter Mike Bushell joked on air Saturday morning.

Others booted similar gags at the soccer star: