Here's Everything You Need To Bring Happy Hour Home

While you might be sipping on bubbly and beer from your couch, you can still bring the bar home with these finds 🥂

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Well, it’s official: Americans are drinking a lot right now, and booze sales are spiking thanks to social distancing. And of course, alcohol delivery services are on the upswing, too.

After working from home without a desk, video chats with your co-workers and switching from day to night sweatpants, you might need a cocktail or two. Or a pint of Guinness, a glass of Cabernet or a shot of tequila.

And while you’re staying in, you might be missing your weekly post-work happy hour. Luckily, there’s been a rise of the virtual happy hour — where you and your friends don’t have to leave your beds to catch up. Staying connected to your loved ones, whether it’s a trivia night over Google Hangouts, a gaming session on the Houseparty app, or a call to your parents, could help you feel less lonely while you’re self-isolating.

So in the spirit of spirits and sharing a drink or two over on Zoom, we found everything you’ll need to have happy at home. From a gold ice bucket that already comes with tongs to keep your drink on the rocks, to a set of coasters made from recycled records that’ll keep your coffee table spotless, these finds will bring the bar to you.

Take a look:

All the bar tools you'll ever need
Those cocktails you've always wanted to try to make won't be a strain anymore now that you have your own strainer. The set comes with the stand, too. Find it for $30 at Target.
A set of classic martini glasses
You've probably got wine glasses in spades, but these martini glasses will make your next drink feel extra special. Find the set of four for $15 at Target.
A gold ice bucket with its own tongs to feel fancy AF
Goodbye, frozen fingers. Find it for $20 at Target.
A minimalist gold bar cart that can hold a lot of bottles
Just don't let it tip over when you're feeling tipsy. And you can store everything from plants to books on it, too. Find it on sale for $65 at Wayfair.
A bottle opener that just happens to look like a lemon
When life gives you lemons, crack open a bottle (of hard lemonade, of course). Find it for $10 at Nordstrom.
A set of coasters made from recycled records
Uncommon Goods
Give your coffee table a break. Find the set of six for $18 at Uncommon Goods.
A drink shaker with recipes, too
Bed Bath & Beyond
A martini's coming right up. Find it for $16 at Bed Bath & Beyond.
A set of cocktail recipe books organized by spirits, liqueurs and wines
Urban Outfitters
There are eight books in this set, and each is about a different ingredient like whisky or vodka. You'll be a master bartender in no time. Find it for $20 at Urban Outfitters.
A cheeseboard for your brie-and-beer-nights
Hey, you're going to need something to wash down those drinks and this cheeseboard can be used for
charcuterie plate and hors d'oeuvres, too. Find it for $78 at Anthropologie.
A crystal bottle stopper when it's time to call it a night
For when the party between you and your partner is over and you're ready for bed. Find it for $8 at Target.
A champagne coupe glass for when the work week is over
Urban Outfitters
You'll definitely feel like an extra in "The Great Gatsby." Find it for $10 at Urban Outfitters. If you're looking for extra fancy ones, Anthropologie has gilded glasses.
A Moscow mule maker that's just a tad bit fishy
Etsy / MojavePark
This cocktail shaker can make margaritas and mojitos, too. And it's definitely Instagram-worthy. Find it for $45 at Etsy.
A bar spoon that has a muddler at its end for herbs and sugar
Bed Bath & Beyond
Those flavors might be mixed, but they won't taste muddled at all. Find it for $15 at Bed Bath & Beyond.
A pint glass that'll have you feeling peachy
Urban Outfitters
Get the Guinness ready. Find it for $8 at Urban Outfitters.
A salty set of shot glasses
Uncommon Goods
There's nothing quite like tequila and you can do shots in your kitchen with these glasses that are hand-carved from Himalayan salt. Find the set of four for $28 at Uncommon Goods.
A decanter so that the wine stays flowing
Pottery Barn
For when you know that the bottle's going to be finished that night. Find it for $50 at Pottery Barn.
A stainless straw for when you need something stirred, not shaken
This straw is way more eco-friendly than those single-use ones you get at a bar. Find it for $18 at Nordstrom.
A set of beer glasses with a coded message
Uncommon Goods
All the cool kids now HTML lingo. Find the set of two for $25 at Uncommon Goods.
A decanter set that's made for whisky
A set of samplers that can be mixed with your favorite drink
With flavors like "hibiscus cardamom" and "citrus passion," you can mix these into your own homemade drink. Find the set for $36 at Nordstrom.
Cheese knives that are anything but cheesy
Sit back and relax during your night of wine and cheese. Find the set of three for $29 at Nordstrom.