'Daily Show' Revisits The Olympic Legend Of Eric The Eel

Roy Wood Jr. hilariously portrayed one of the more memorable figures in Summer Games history.

The Daily Show” tweeted a still sparkling work of comedy gold on Wednesday about the Olympic legend of “Eric the Eel.” (Watch it below.)

Eric the Eel, aka Eric Moussambani, is a real guy who competed at the 2000 Olympics in Sydney and clocked the slowest 100-meter freestyle time in Olympic history. 

“The Daily Show” introduced his story in 2016 with Roy Wood Jr. portraying the unlikely hero. The sketch made a big splash on social media and is back just in time for the start of the Tokyo Olympics this week.

Note that some details in the spoof are true but we seriously doubt he told reporters, “Bitch, I’m tired” after the race.

Hey, a comedian has to have his creative license.