A Potentially Incredible 'Avengers: Infinity War' Easter Egg Goes Viral

This moment connecting "The Incredibles" with Marvel is one heli of a coincidence.

Some Easter eggs are nothing short of “Incredibles.”

After 2018′s “Avengers: Infinity War” revealed Thanos snapped many Marvel fans’ favorite superheroes out of existence, the movie followed things up with a post-credit gut-punch, showing Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) was a victim too. Before he disintegrates, however, Fury sees a helicopter crash into a building and gets a distress signal off to Captain Marvel.

Now, years later, a potential Easter egg from the moment is going viral on TikTok, linking Jackson’s “Avengers” character to his superhero Frozone from “The Incredibles.”

In one of the most memorable scenes from 2004′s “Incredibles,” Frozone is looking for his super suit as mayhem happens right outside his window. It turns out that in that moment, he saw a helicopter crash into a building too.

And when you assemble the scenes together, something incredible happens:

The possible Easter egg isn’t new, springing up online at least as early as 2019. But it’s going viral again thanks to @obscurefilm recently resurfacing it on TikTok — already approaching 1 million views in less than a week.

Obviously, the 2004 Incredibles were dealing with different issues than the 2018 Avengers. (Thanos isn’t the only megalomaniac around after all.) So it’s clear the movies reside in different universes.

Still, putting the helicopter scenes side-by-side does result in one heli of a coincidence.