Want A DIY At-Home Coffee Bar? Here Are The Essentials You Need

Counter storage, mug hooks and more to create a highly organized, Pinterest-worthy coffee and tea station right in your own kitchen.
Don't spend another second digging around cabinets, drawers or shelves in the morning. These clever items will simplify your morning beverage routine and make you look like you've got it together.
Don't spend another second digging around cabinets, drawers or shelves in the morning. These clever items will simplify your morning beverage routine and make you look like you've got it together.

We’ve all scrolled through those immaculate-looking lifestyle blogs that are dedicated to organizing in complete awe (and with maybe just a tinge of envy).

The most recent organizing trend? At-home coffee and tea bars. These ultra-tidy beverage stations have taken up pages and pages of Pinterest real estate. But before you roll your eyes and say it’s something you could never do, how-to-guides show that this may actually be worth the effort ― and might even be a little fun. A bit of strategic storage, smart placement and slight rearranging can mean less time digging around for your designated tea spoon or desperately scrounging for the last bits of coffee grounds at the bottom of the bag. You can have tea bags, K-Cups, sugar and mugs all within an arm’s reach.

So embrace your inner Marie Kondo and shop these smart, space-conscious items to help transform one of the most utilized areas of your kitchen into a highly functional beverage station that will not only be pleasing to look at, but make your morning routine a little more enjoyable.

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Cake stands and pedestals
World Market, Macy's
Using small, tiered shelving like a cake stand or an adjustable pedestal can not only look really cute and intentional, it provides elevation for items like mugs or containers while taking up less of a footprint in terms of counter space. Dedicate the smaller top tiers for items like individual creamers, sugar packets or stir sticks, while larger items can be placed on the bottom tiers. From left to right:

Get the white marble and gold pedestal stand from World Market for $34.99.

Get the Sara Miller green cake stand from Macy's for $49.99.

Get the wood and metal serving stand from World Market for $39.99.
Tea and coffee mug racks
Wayfair, Kohl's
Bulky mugs can be the most difficult thing to store, especially if cabinet and shelving space is tight. Opting for racks can be a clutter-free way to display your cups and get to them quickly during the morning rush. The under-shelf mug hook by Rebrilliant slides easily onto a cabinet shelf or underneath a kitchen cabinet, while the Gourmet Basics mug tree can hold up to six mugs and has compartment space underneath.

Get the Rebrilliant under-shelf mug hook from Wayfair for $17.35.

Get the Gourmet Basics mug tree from Kohl's for $39.99.
Easy access canisters
Using canisters can be a great way to store sugar, coffee grounds, loose leaf tea or even K-Cups and teabags. Stack and display them on countertops or designated shelving so they can be accessed quickly, even when you're half asleep. The tight-sealing lids on both of these options ensures freshness for all their precious caffeinated contents.

Get the stainless steel container set from Amazon for $22.99.

Get the Mud Pie glass canister set from Amazon for $85.51.
Corner and bench shelving
Amazon, Wayfair
This corner rack and adjustable bench shelving are options that can accommodate any kind of space (or lack thereof) you may have. They can be neatly tucked away against a wall or beneath a cabinet so they won't interfere with larger appliances like a Keurig or coffee pot.

Get the Mercer41 three-tier 10-jar spice rack from Wayfair for $23.99.

Get the Urhomey Plus expendable cabinet shelf from Amazon for $23.79.
Drawer organizers
Bed Bath & Beyond, Crate & Barrel
With some minor shuffling, you may be able to score yourself a free top drawer right underneath your tea and coffee bar. And if you succeed, these drawer organizers can be the perfect way to keep all your designated teaspoons, tea bags, individual coffee creamers or sugar packets all in one spot. The gray drawer organizer by Joseph Joseph features deeper slanting compartments on the side, while the bamboo tray from Crate & Barrel expands to give you even more storage underneath.

Get the Joseph Joseph flatware organizer from Bed Bath & Beyond for $21.99.

Get the expandable bamboo gadget tray from Crate & Barrel for $29.95.
Countertop organizers
Amazon, Wayfair
If you're working with very limited counter or drawer space, free-standing organizers might be one of your best options. Both of these organizers are durable enough to hold rows of heavy coffee mugs or canisters, and they feature different compartments that can be designated for spoons, metal straws or even bottles of flavored syrups.

Get the iDesign Austin modular free-standing countertop organizer from Amazon for $92.50.

Get the Prep & Savour three-tier countertop spice rack from Wayfair for $55.99.
Wall-mounted shelving
If the countertop isn't an option, wall shelving can provide storage and add a display element to your coffee and tea station. Most people place their shelf lower on the wall, just above appliances, so as not to compromise accessibility. Both of these shelving options have heavy-duty hooks perfect for holding coffee cups or mugs, and the top shelf can be reserved for any coffee-themed artwork you might want to display.

Get the Rolanstar wall-mounted shelf from Amazon for $49.99.

Get the Boluo kitchen wall shelf from Amazon for $39.82.
Rolling bar and kitchen carts
Pottery Barn, Urban Outfitters
Sometimes when you don't have room, you have to make room. Bar and kitchen carts can be the perfect way to house larger appliances like espresso machines, coffee pots or tea kettles while leaving plenty of space for all your fixings on the lower shelves. Because both of these carts can roll, they can be easily moved in front of a spare wall or next to a counter. The narrow rolling kitchen cart from Pottery Barn fits tight spaces, and the bamboo cart from Urban Outfitters features a removable middle shelf and a partially folding top shelf for extra space.

Get the narrow rolling kitchen cart from Pottery Barn for $62.

Get the bamboo rolling kitchen cart from Urban Outfitters for $179.
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