Trevor Noah

A stark change in GOP talking points prompted a damning question from the "Daily Show" host.
"The Daily Show" host found some rotten links between the censured lawmaker's old profession and his gig in Congress.
“We lost, we got our butts kicked," the former New Jersey governor told "The Daily Show" host Trevor Noah.
"The Daily Show" host used the rumored celebrity romance to make a point about Republican Glenn Youngkin's surprising victory in the Virginia election.
“Take a wild guess who loves protesters blocking traffic now," Trevor Noah's team wrote in the supercut caption.
"The Daily Show" host imagined the ex-president won't take long to deviate from posting "truths" on Truth Social.
“I mean, like, these are the same people who sign up to swarm hostage situations or run into burning buildings."
Kanye West is no more and "The Daily Show" host thinks he knows the Donald Trump-related reason why.
Trevor Noah's show ridiculed the conservative network's jingoistic railing against Joe Biden's COVID-19 vaccine mandate.
"The Daily Show with Trevor Noah" invited viewers to “relive 60 years of Pat Robertson’s hate-filled bangers."
The unexpected second installment of the spoof awards ceremony was perhaps even grimmer than the first.
The Comedy Central program gave "a special shoutout to the pundits" who have criticized the quarter-century-old show.
The Fox News personality's worst takes get the game show treatment from "The Daily Show With Trevor Noah."
“The Daily Show with Trevor Noah” details the “extreme a**holishness” of Republican governors in its parody ad.
“You can take away his law license, but you can’t take away the memories."
"The Daily Show with Trevor Noah" documented the Kentucky Republican's rise from his free health care champion beginnings to the top of the GOP.
The former president's words are used against him in the montage.
“The Daily Show” host dissected how the "Internet's septic tank" pushes people to be their worst.