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"The Daily Show" host found some rotten links between the censured lawmaker's old profession and his gig in Congress.
A holiday coronavirus surge has Wood's Leo Deblin working his home care biz "ICU 2 U" on "The Daily Show."
“Take a wild guess who loves protesters blocking traffic now," Trevor Noah's team wrote in the supercut caption.
“I mean, like, these are the same people who sign up to swarm hostage situations or run into burning buildings."
"Not a cult at all," the "Daily Show" correspondent sarcastically declared at the bizarre event.
Trevor Noah's show ridiculed the conservative network's jingoistic railing against Joe Biden's COVID-19 vaccine mandate.
Jessica Pin talked with comedian Michael Kosta about an often-overlooked area of anatomy.
The Fox News morning personality apparently keeps a very wide social circle of pals because she always has a story about them.
The "Daily Show" correspondent chatted with attendees at a protest against masks in North Carolina schools.
The unexpected second installment of the spoof awards ceremony was perhaps even grimmer than the first.
Correspondent Desi Lydic spoofed the conservative network's COVID-19 reporting.
The "Reading Rainbow" icon learned that the gig "wasn't the thing that I wanted after all," but is nonetheless grateful for the opportunities now coming his way.
A montage on "The Daily Show" highlights the conservative network's fearmongering about segregation, apartheid and camps.
"The Daily Show" calls out the right-wing network's inconsistency on the coronavirus vaccine's development.
The South Carolina senator gets the "Dailyshow-ography" treatment.
"The Daily Show" comedian also had some mock "props" for the International Olympic Committee.
House Republicans are fuming at the reimposed COVID-19 precaution and the Comedy Central show had some fun with it.
The sickening variant received some sick burns from the Comedy Central show.