Stephen Colbert

"The Late Show" host went to town on New Hampshire state Rep. Ken Weyler's bonkers "report" on the coronavirus shots.
"The Late Show" host broke out his Eric Trump impression again.
"The Late Show" host celebrated the House Jan. 6 committee's vote to hold Bannon in contempt of Congress.
The Miami school has it all backward, the "Late Show" host said.
The "Late Show" host claims to have inside information straight from Moscow.
"The Late Show" host analyzed the teaser for the Bieb's "Ghost" video.
The "Late Show" host went silent for nearly 20 seconds after learning the answer.
"The Late Show" host vowed not to help Stephanie Grisham "sell a single copy" of her new tell-all book.
Host Stephen Colbert replayed the somewhat prescient appearance when "The Good Wife" star returned to "The Late Show."
“Ow. Ow. Ow. That must hurt,” said the host of “The Late Show."