White writers "don’t know what it’s like to walk into a room and feel like the audition is not over,” the “White Lotus” actor said.
The two stars poked fun at their historic Hollywood firsts by sparking a competition over increasingly absurd representational wins.
"That lovable scamp was put through a nightmare of a trial," declared Cecily Strong's Jeanine Pirro.
Liu quipped that he got to play Marvel superhero Shang-Chi because of a polite tweet.
Lively will direct the music video for "I Bet You Think About Me,” a track that scorches the singer's fame-obsessed ex-boyfriend.
The song's heartfelt, painful and angry lyrics are almost certainly about her brief relationship with Jake Gyllenhaal.
"It's hard to believe this person exists," Kimmel said.
Twitter users called for the comedian to get an Emmy after she brilliantly humanized people who get abortions on “Weekend Update.”
“I’m tired of interviewing people who are not icons,” quipped Ego Nwodim before the real Warwick walked on.
“My brother’s up there. He’s got his arms up, all victorious. And I’m down there on the ground, like ... I want uppies," Culkin recalled of being on "SNL" as a boy.
"And I can give it to whoever I want," he tells Cecily Strong's Judge Jeanine Pirro.
“I just wanted to congratulate Glenn Youngkin, and mostly myself, on a tremendous victory in Virginia,” said Johnson's Trump on a mock Fox program.
The "Succession" star made an "unfiltered" comment to a cast member when his brother Macaulay Culkin hosted "Saturday Night Live" in 1991.
Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker joined in for "Scary Farm" goosebumps.
“I never rank,” the show’s creator said. But he thinks one alum is “definitely in the top two or three.”
The "Ted Lasso" star poked fun at Ellen DeGeneres with a sketch about a male-fronted spinoff of her daytime talk show.
Sudeikis quipped about the comedy show being pumped up by cocaine, adrenaline, Starbucks, Adderall and fear over the years.
But as for QAnon, Satan warned: “Don’t drag my good name into your sick fantasies."