Ryan Reynolds

The "300" star said he doesn't watch Reynolds' movies, but guess who got the last laugh?
The actor's pal Ryan Reynolds sent a short and sweet tribute.
“The cameo everyone is talking about was entirely her idea,” the actor said, giving his wife the recognition she deserves.
A sequel to the action comedy starring Ryan Reynolds is already in the works.
The "Deadpool" star's debut on the social media platform came with a vow.
The action sequel starring Ryan Reynolds took the top spot at the box office from "A Quiet Place Part II."
The actor joked it might be time for the 1-year-old to watch a certain horror film starring her mom, Blake Lively.
The "Deadpool" actor and wife Blake Lively celebrated their coronavirus shots with humor.
The celebrity couple gave a hilarious master class in celebrating the holiday on Instagram.
People loved the cheeky "Deadpool" star's tweet about his appearance on the children's program.
An 11-year-old "Deadpool" fan is getting encouragement from the big-screen superhero.
Deadpool just joined the MCU, and the actor already has Disney jokes.
The streaming giant dropped footage from highly anticipated projects like "Army of the Dead," "Red Notice," "Don't Look Up" and "The Woman in the Window."
Reynolds posted a hilarious clip of the video he says he was "legally obligated" to show the world.
The singer, who has been embroiled in a battle with the record executive for the rights to her first six albums, released her new recording of the 2008 hit this week.
The singer unveiled a snippet of one of her re-recorded songs for the first time.
The "Deadpool" star is not down with a road in Vancouver being named after him.
The "Deadpool" actor said the "Jeopardy!" host's death was "absolutely gut-wrenching."
The late "Jeopardy!" host appeared in many fictional TV shows and just a few films.